Therapist T-Bench | Foldable | Small

Therapist T-Bench | Foldable | Small

Therapists, parents, and careers can use these T-benches in physical, occupational and speech therapy.
The child will feel secure and safe sitting on a stable surface, using the T-Bench will achieve maximum arm and hand movements for play, learning, and daily living activities.
The T-Bench are ideal for General practices, Therapy centers, home and school use for children who do not need back support in sitting but need a firm seat that can be adjusted so that the child’s feet rest on the floor.
The quality construction makes our the adjustable benches ideal for therapists and children learning to move from one level to another, such as moving from the floor to sitting, from sitting to standing, or from a seated position to their walker.
The adjustable base and legs make it quick and easy for therapists and users to raise, lower or tilt the seat surface. Children can benefit from a tilted surface, which places more weight on their feet and aids postural control for better arm and hand function.
Manufactured locally here in Australia these benches are completely customisable and can be made to your specifications with timber type, color, stain and upholstery options available.

  • Specifications

    Small Therapist T-Bench - Foldable
    Height Adjustable: 19cm to 29cm.
    Weight: 105kgs.
    Seat Size: 26cm x 66cm.
    Foldable: YES.
    Tilts: YES.
    Customisable: YES - Made locally here in Australia and customisable to your needs, height, size, upholstery, timber type, colour, and more.
    Sizes: Approximate.

  • Delivery and Shipping Information

    Some products are made-to-order, this is designed to keep our costs to a minimum therefore shipping times vary from 10 to 20 days.
    For custom builds delivery time could be longer depending on the amount of customisation chosen, please continue through the order process and we will contact you to discuss delivery times.

  • Price Guarantee

    We will beat any other product price by 10% based on the same product specifications, inquire now. 

  • Custom Options

    We can build your product to order so if you have a requirement for a custom timber type, size, color, or any other requirements please make contact.
    Upholstery other than the standard supplied...? 
    We can supply Warwick Lustrell Charisma Upholstery. See for full details of options avaliable. 

Standard Upholstery Colors - Included in Price